Low carb your meat loaf

One of the problems with making low carb meat loaf is that leaving out bread creates a heavy dense loaf.  Instead of bread try using one cup of textured soy protein for two pounds of meat.  Soak the soy ahead of time in one and one half cups of beef boullion.  I think you will like the results.

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Crisp Up Celery

OK it is the big game today or a party and you intend to enjoy the snacks, too.  Celery makes an excellent substitute for chips and dips.  You have the Rondele cheese and go for the celery only to find it soggy and unscoopable. 

Don’t panic, there’s a fix for the problem.  Cut your soggy celery into the sizes you want to use.  Then cover the pieces in ice water.  It won’t take too long — perhaps an hour — to have fresh crispy celery.  It will keep (water covered) for about a week.

This only works once.  You can’t unsoggy twice soggied celery.  

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Have your favorite egss — safely

The great concerm over eggs has created a problem for low-carbers.  Of course, getting eggs from California or other states where health codes are stricter is the best solution it is not always possible.  Just to make sure of the safety of your eggs for over easy or whatever, you can pasturize your own eggs.

Equipment: pan deep ehough to allow water to cover eggs.

Let eggs warm to room temperature to prevent breakage.

Warm water in the oven to 150 degrees F.  I use the oven as it gives a much more even heat w/o hot spots. 

Submerge eggs in 150 degree water for 5 minutesh remove, cool, and refrigerate.

The 150 degrees is enough to kill the bad stuff without cooking the egg white.  You will probably need to heat your oven slightly above 150 to get the water to temperature.

Happy soft boiled eggs everyone

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A Special Note

Follow lowcarblife on Twitter foer information about special food brands that are exceptionally good for the low carb life style.

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Easy Baked Chicken

This sounds very plain but it makes a great entree.  The salt seals the pores in the chicken and keeps the meat moist while it prduces a crisp delicious skin.  Unlike many diets skin is on the low carb ones except Southbeach. 


Whole Chicken washed

Preheat oven to 400 degrees F

Rub the chicken lightly but throughly with salt and bake one hour.  If you use a rack it will help crisp the back skin. 

Your guests will think you spent hours preparing this chicken.  You might think an hour is too long to bake the chicken, but take a chance and try it at least once. 

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Welcome to Low Carb Life

This is not a commercial blog.  I have nothing to sell you.  I am a writer and a diet coach for private individuals.  It turns out that not only is low carbing the most popular diet, it generates the most questions.  I hope to answer those questions here and provide recipes and resources for my readers.

I have also startes a tweet at locarblife for resources I find as I go.  I use my phone for that (and this too) so things can pop up any time.

Here is an easy sweet good enough to serve guests and they will never know it is diet.  Total carbs per serving: 6


Jello sugar free singles pudding vanilla or chocolate
1/2 cup frozen unsweetened coconut milk per serving.

Follow directions on pudding package.  Make sure you mix it long enough so it thickens.  Top w whipped cream, Devon cream, or Cool Whip-type topping.

I buy frozen coconut milk at an Asian market.  If you use canned milk check the carbs.  Also try it before serving to guests because some canned juices do not work the way fresh or frozen juices do.

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